One of the great things about going to the beach is getting away from the world. While on the island, we watched some TV (The Price is Right every morning and a couple episodes of Rachel Ray), my dad bought a newspaper once (but the front page was quickly thrown aside as he rummaged for the crossword puzzle), and I managed to find a wireless signal and got online to post for the 10 or so of you who are reading this blog. On the whole though, we gladly paid very little mind to what was going on beyond our boardwalk. So, when it came time to pack up on Sunday morning and we woke up to 40 mph winds and rain falling sideways, we gave it little thought beyond the moral dilemma of whether to brave the weather and sort the recycling or just throw the whole bag in the trash and “well crap, how are we going to put the cartop carrier on now?”.

We did manage to get the cartop carrier on and check out of the rental house only an hour and a half after the checkout time. The drive back was made with very little incident, save the hour when we were stuck at some Mississippi gas station in the middle of nowhere after my dad locked the keys in the car.

Well (you can probably see how this is going to end), my mom was checking up on the news we missed today and found Claudette. This is what the bay looked like while we were driving over the bridge back to the mainland. And we didn’t even think to be worried about hurricane-like weather. Wtf family.

In other news, this is my new desktop background šŸ™‚


One response to “Claudette

  1. you should have a checklist of natural disasters you have lived through.

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