My first shiner

Dear readers,

Behold: I, Haley Marshall, your loving friend, the pacifist, have been slugged by an eight-year-old. Yesterday, while at my wonderful place of employment, one of my girls gave me a knee to the face while I was spotting her. She knocked my glasses right off my face. And though it hurt like hell, it didn’t really faze me (unfortunately, it’s not the first time it’s happened) until I wiped my forehead on my sleeve and saw that I wasn’t wiping off sweat, but blood. So, after I finally stopped bleeding (about an hour later – my pre-nurse mom says that there are a lot of capillaries in your face…which seems to make sense for everywhere except your eyebrows), I came home looking like this…

Photo 21

and I woke up this morning looking like this…

Photo 31

And that’s when I’m straining to open my left eye. (Awesome). So, for the next few days, I’ll be seeing the world through one and a half eyes, sorely missing my depth perception, and trying very hard to limit how much I operate a vehicle.

That poor girl felt so badly, though. I was giving her a private lesson at the time and both her and her mom were apologizing so much, I had to ask them both to stop.

In other news, because (as you know) one job is never enough for me, I had a job interview today! Seeing as I look like I got into a bar fight last night, I was pretty terrified going into it, but I felt like it went well, so hopefully there’s something good in that. If I get it, I’d be serving and bartending at special events on some weekends (and be paid really well for it). So, cross your fingers for that.


The Battered One


One response to “My first shiner

  1. Ouch!
    You must have gotten really close to the computer screen to get that shot.

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