Bones on the brain

Dear Friends,

Today I had my first experience with mind-numbing information inundation in Anatomy and Physiology. I guess I haven’t mentioned yet that I am taking the accelerated version of the class. This means that the normal two semester-long course is smushed into one, apparently very overwhelming semester. This also means that I took my first exam (of eight) last week, finished the material for the second exam (which I will take this weekend) and started the material for the third exam today. Today we learned all of the bones and all of the grooves, bumps and irregular processes of all those bones of the appendicular skeleton. And by the time we were done, my brain was so numb that all I could manage to recall during the half-hour break between lab and lecture was that “Some Lovers Tried Positions That They Can’t Handle” was the mnemonic device I was supposed to use to remember the names of the carpals.

And now for an update on the classroom lives of my much-adored slew of community college students…

-Today was the first day in four weeks that Scrubs has appeared in class without her namesake. That is, today is the first day they weren’t visible. Much to my disappointment, she was wearing a sweater, though I am certain that had further investigation taken place, we would have found a brightly-colored, cartoon-cheery shirt of the medical type covering that woman who loves them so well. Up to today, we have seen Kermit the Frog, Dr. Suess, Winnie the Pooh in addition to the patterns I listed in her initial character sketch.

-An unexpected relationship has developed between my dear Mrs. Criswell/Griffin and The Returner. It started off as Nancy not-so-innocently wanting to get on The Returner’s good side in hopes that she might share her Returner’s wisdom. But after Nancy bought her a pack of lifesavers (because The Returner was our “life saver” in helping us in lab), I became more suspicious. Since then, it has only escalated. Though she constantly denies it when I bring up the subject in our car-rides, I swear I sometimes catch Nancy sending The Returner a loving gaze. And last class, The Returner ventured over to our side of the classroom and knealt down and talked to Nancy for an entire five minutes about things completely unrelated to Anatomy and Physiology. Scandalous!

– A piece of little-known fact, courtesy of Dr. Kelly Sexton: “If you heat up a baby, it will sweat.”

And finally, I leave you with the following thought:

What the fuck is up with our professional athletes?!*

Good night and good luck,


*if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check here and here.


5 responses to “Bones on the brain

  1. good luck on those exams, and you should accidentally put the two of them together in the backseat and see what happens

  2. Three things.
    1. In my physiology class, we’re learning about hemoglobin. Again.
    2. A sweater? In Texas? In September? Really?
    3. I miss you.

  3. I love the nicknames you have for your fellow students. Do you have such nicknames for people at Whitman?

    Follow up question: What is my nickname? I know you have one.

  4. haymarsh06

    Hey friends! Man, do I miss y’all
    Laura: 1) unless animal hemoglobin is different than human hemoglobin (which I’m sure it’s not because scientists are so fond of naming things and animal hemoglobin is still called hemoglobin…) you should ACE that test.
    2) do I need to remind you that the woman wears scrubs on a daily basis? I wouldn’t expect any of her other wardrobe choices to make sense
    3) you know what I’m going to say in response to that

    and thanks, Viral! I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about, but I’ll try to figure it out 🙂

  5. haymarsh06

    Oh! and Eric! You must have posted while I was posting…

    Yes and you’ll never know

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