Why I love Dr. Henry Su

Dear Readers,

Tonight I am studying for tomorrow’s microbiology test. As I’ve been going through my notes, I’ve come across some Dr. Su quotations that I apparently felt were pertinent to record in class. And since I obviously need to get off track, I thought I’d share them with you…

“Enzymes, like a good matchmaker, are not emotionally involved – they are reuseable”

“One man’s smelly is another man’s delight”

“Maybe you’re having some wine and you’re bored out of your mind and have sex and have babies…so when your IQ level drops, you have sex and have babies.”

in reference to different forms of currency in the US: “Here’s ten chickens, watch my kid”

“Well, the tongue makes you smell bad – Cut Tongue Off!”

đŸ™‚ Haley

P.S. Thanks to the SECOND anonymous donor to my LLS fundraising campaign! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Though I must admit, your anonymity is driving me crazy because I can’t thank you properly.


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