Here’s to stereotypes

Dear Readers,

This post is written in celebration! The newspaper reported today that a Clydesdale in Collin County (just outside of Dallas) was recently awarded the Guinness World Record for tallest horse, reaffirming to the world that everything really IS bigger down here in cowboy country. At a staggering 80 inches, Remington beat out – you guessed it – another Texas horse for the title.

So, on behalf of our great state, congratulations Remington! We are so proud of you. All 80 inches of you.


P.S. Thanks to the THIRD anonymous donor!


5 responses to “Here’s to stereotypes

  1. Also reaffirming to the world that Texas likes to name things after guns.

  2. haymarsh06

    hahaha, very good point, my friend

  3. “It wasn’t his fault,” said Davis, who’s been hobbling around the past two months. “I took my attention off his big turkey platters.”

    turkey platters? is this texas language, it must be

  4. Cool but Alaska is bigger.

  5. haymarsh06

    yes, but does Alaska have a bigger horse?
    i think not.

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