…has been closed for nearly two weeks. But finally, I bring you the post you all have been waiting for. Well, maybe Viral is the only one that has been waiting for this post. In any case, here it is…

Oh, and yes, it was absolutely necessary for me to put that title in all caps. Texas is kind of a go-big-or-go-home state. If you think I’m making too big of a deal about this, you are wrong.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year I had the pleasure of going to the fair THREE glorious times. First with my mom, Second with dear Tom Miner, and finally with my lovely friend, Kayleigh. Below are the best of the pictures I took while I was there. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera on my visit with Tom, but he managed to get a few with his camera (check his facebook if you’re interested).

corny dogs

The first stop on every fatty's State Fair visit - Fletcher's Corny Dogs. I'm not a fan, but supposedly they're amazing. Tom wasn't impressed either. I think it's more about their novelty (you can ONLY get them at the fair) than their actual taste. No one has ever been able to describe to me what exactly makes them so special. But that is not to say that you shouldn't try one. By all means, please, please try one if and when you ever come to our fair.



…. Ok, so all of that which you just read was written on Monday. And I intended to finish the post and publish it on Monday, but then my internet started freaking out and wouldn’t let me upload anymore pictures. So I gave up and tried again on Tuesday. But the same thing happened and again I gave up, but didn’t try again. Instead, I uploaded the pictures to facebook. So, if you want to see them, check out


Cool. Happy Halloween everyone! I’m off to go hand out candy to the kids of the neighborhood.



2 responses to “THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS

  1. okay now i know i check this page way too much and i guess you have figured that out
    and i am really curious how fried butter tastes but something tells me you would never eat fried butter.. but maybe i’m wrong

  2. haymarsh06

    nope, not wrong. you know me well. I wouldn’t go near that booth. But there were lines a mile long of people waiting to try that heart-attack-waiting-to-happen every day I went. Oh, and fried butter was sold in cherry, grape, garlic and plain flavors – so add that to your food fantasy

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