November First

Dear Readers,

Today is November first. Today is the first day in November. But more importantly, today is the first day of NaNoWriMo! Yes, despite all the reasons telling me that I shouldn’t, I have done it yet again – I’ve started my fourth National Novel Writing Month novel! And because I decided to pause studying for my Microbiology test, writing this dang novel, responding to emails, and biting into a delicious piece of dark chocolate to write this post, it is going to be the second shortest and least-informative post to-date. So, with that, I will leave you with the first paragraph of this already-cursed novel. Cherish it. It will be the only one you will ever see.

“It was going to be a bad day. Jane could see it in the coffee newly spilled over her freshly- ironed khaki pants. The smell of soy non- fat vanilla flavored caffeine mixed with starch and fabric softener screamed up at her, “Go back to bed. Go Back To Bed. GO BACK TO BED.” But instead of heeding the wasted beverage’s insistent advice, she just stared at it.”

Good night and good luck.



3 responses to “November First

  1. I’m already over 3000 words behind…

  2. i thought i remember there being a Jane in your last novel?

    although that might have been a dream

  3. haymarsh06

    Eric: Don’t give up! 3,000 words is nothing. You can make that up in one sitting.

    Viral: Last year’s woman was Christine or Celeste or Clarissa – some C name that I didn’t really like (I didn’t like that character very much)

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