Haley’s Favorite Celebrities, Part II

Dear Readers,

It’s November. Actually, it’s November SIXTEENTH. How in the world did that happen? We’re halfway through the second to last month in 2009. I was just getting used to the idea that we were living in 2009 (yesterday I caught myself writing 11/15/06 on my notes. 2006! wtf.).

Anyways, back to what I was trying to say… It’s November. November means very little in Dallas aside from the end of the Ranger’s post-season, the beginning of the Cowboy’s season and the week-long break that the public schools get for Thanksgiving. Our weather is mild (this weekend, our high temperatures were in the 80s) and no one really cares about having to walk through a few extra leaves to get to their car. But aside from the holiday and sports schedules, one thing that Dallas does share with the rest of the world in terms of November experiences is daylight saving’s time. And here is where I begin to get to my point… Daylight saving’s time means that when I get off from work, the sun is already well into its trek across the other half of the world and my neighborhood is pitch black. A pitch black neighborhood means no neighborhood running for me (I’ve already had one too many encounters with pickup trucks idling creepily on the side of neighborhood pitch black streets) – which reminds me, I owe y’all an update on my Team in Training adventure. But anyways, and so, in response to the pitch black-ness of my neighborhood streets, I’ve started going to the gym! And the gym has treadmills with TV screens! And I get to watch whichever of the 10 channels they offer that suits my fancy. And one of those 10 channels is the Food Network!

Which brings me to the real reason for this post: Alton Brown. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this name, first – make yourself familiar. This man will bring joy to every nerdy fiber in your being, be they concealed or evident, even if you aren’t of the culinarily-inclined. Second – let me introduce you to him. Alton Brown is the bespectacled, oft-frazzle haired host of Good Eats and is the main commentator for Iron Chef America. Loved by many other Food Network chefs, he bring his particular brand of nerdiness and quirky charm to the dishes he prepares (which, more often than not, are just as quirky as he is). I’m a huge fan of Good Eats. Wikipedia calls describes it as “a mixture of Julia Child and Monty Python,” and I quite agree, except I would add the essence of Bill Nye the Science Guy to the mix. The show is Alton in his element. It’s science-oriented food and it’s brilliant. But more importantly, ALTON. He finds things like the thread-count of twine and partaking in the bulldozer-driving in a salt mine interesting and relevant to cooking. This guy is hilarious. I don’t think any description of him that I can produce will ever do him justice – y’all will just have to experience him for yourselves.

So, here’s to you, Alton Brown. I would name my first-born child after you.



P.S. The Team in Training update that I promised you: The bursitis is definitely on the mend. The drugs my doc gave me helped a little initially, but I think the best thing I did for it, surprisingly, was start running on it again. I’ve run 20 miles each of the last two weeks without any excruciating pain, so I think that’s a good thing. The bad news is: because I was out of commission and not training for nearly a month, I fell really behind on my training schedule. And because my joints are still not 100%, I’ve decided to scale back my goal and only run the half marathon. So, 13.1 miles on December 12th. Wish me luck. Oh! and I’m $730 away from reaching half of my fundraising goal – meaning, I’ve raised $1,270 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not too shabby.


One response to “Haley’s Favorite Celebrities, Part II

  1. HI! I just wanted to comment on your mention of the Food Network. It is indeed my favorite network of all, but Alton Brown is not really my favorite. I really like Giada and Ina… but to each her own. 🙂 I like how everything on this week is about Thanksgiving and just in cast you wanted to know how to cook a turkey 12 ways then you’re set.

    Miss you!!

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